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Picture-Directory Online™ is an online directory service for searching, browsing, creating and maintaining a contact information directory and It:
  • Is accessible by any computer or graphics capable device with access to the web.
  • Is searchable by any field
  • Can be as open or secure as you choose! Viewable publicly by anyone with internet access or only those with a User ID and Password.
  • Can be controlled by security privileges which Users can maintain the data and records can be marked invidually as private (not viewable publicly)
  • Is designed to create membership directories with or without pictures.
  • Is invaluable for getting to know people within your organization and putting a name with a face!
  • Is Address Book Software.
  • Is a PIM or Personal Information Manager Program.
  • Is useful for any business, law firm, club, church or any organization that needs a contact information directory
  • Is simple and straightforward to use
  • Is Available for a Yearly Subscription price of Only $89.95!
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