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Picture-Directory for Windows

Easy to use Picture Directory Software, Address Book, and Personal Information Management Software for Windows to create a printed pictorial directory for business, church, club or any organization. Includes Page Designer tool to layout your directory the way you want it.

Price: $59.95 Electronic Download.

When your order is complete you'll receive a registration code.

$16.95 annual license fee. This is not an automatic charge. You renew when and if you want.

Picture-Directory for Windows Renewal

License Renewal Fee for software above. Enter the email address associated with your initial order and your Picture Directory for Windows (PDFW) registration code.

An existing license for PDFW 3.0 or GEFC Directory 2.0 is required. GEFC Customers may use a GEFC Directory Registration Code.

Picture-Directory Online Subscription

Use this online service to create and maintain your directory on the internet. Create a Link from your website to your online directory hosted with Picture-Directory Online™. You can customize the look of your online directory hosted with us to look like your website! Your information can be as open or secure as you choose! You can export data from Picture-Directory for Windows 3.0 or Picture-Directory for Windows™ and import it into your directory hosted at Picture-Directory Online™!
Price:$89.95 Annual Subscription to Service.

Subscription renews automatically

Picture-Directory Online Subscription

Without Automatic Renewal
Same service as above, but does not renew automatically.
Price:$89.95 Annual Subscription to Service.

This subscription is not automatically renewed. You will be notified when the subscription is about to expire and you can then visit this page at that time and order this item again.
To order by telephone, dial: 419-528-8483.

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