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Picture-Directory.com began about 24 years ago when I was asked to put together a church directory for our church. Our Pastor thought it would be nice to have a picture directory instead of just a standard name and address book. I agreed, just knowing that this would be a snap. I thought, surely with all the software that is out there that I could find a program that would make this easy...  Well, I never found that "easy program", so I decided to create my own. There are many photo companies that will take pictures for churches and other groups and provide them with a photo directory (in order to sell photo package to the families) But those photo packages are expensive. For many reasons, cost for one, frequency of updates, etc...., organizations want to do it themselves.

Our congregation was really pleased with the results of the directory. So, I decided to try and market the software. Initially, I started uploading to various shareware websites and I would get an occasional check in the mail to register the program. I named the software after the church where I was a member at that time, Grace Evangelical Free Church. Thus, I named it GEFC Directory.

During that time a customer and former IBM employee, as I am as well, became friends and I decided I wanted him to work with me. I needed the help to support the product, so we came up with an agreeable arrangement. He handles most of the support and I take care of the development and sales side. GEFC Directory started to be more than just a simple program written for a single church. It has become a very successful product.

We received much positive feedback and suggestions for improvements to this program and wanted to continue to enhance the functionality, expand the marketability of it, and offer related services, like an on-line directory, as well....

So, about 20 years ago, We decided to start focusing more energy into this company... We had the opportunity to work on the development of Picture-Directory Online (PD Online) with a big church in Alaska and they helped us understand the needs of a large church. They were very helfpul in the creation of PD Online.

In March of 2007, we had the opportunity to begin working on, and completed in October of 2007, the second release of PD Online. We worked with a large privately-owned business that needed on online directory and made a lot of changes that made it many usefule for many kinds of organizational directories (i.e. employee, law firm, government, school, church, fraternity, membership, or club, etc.)

After much antipication and a lot of work, on March 31st, 2016, we released Picture-Directory for Windows 3.0™ (PDfW). We are excited to see how this product does and believe that it will serve it's users well. We'll keep you posted.

So Welcome to the future of Organizational Directories!   We know that a good product becomes a great product when you listen to your customers, and so we are listening! Any suggestions are welcome! If you'd like to provide us with some feedback, or have questions submit them to us.

To His Glory,

Keith D. Bartman
Software Engineer
Founder of Picture-Directory.com

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